Friday, December 2, 2022

The Lone Ranger Museum in Mount Carmel, Illinois

Earlier this year a friend of mine and I spent a week traveling through the state of Illinois and stopped over in Mount Carmel, the hometown of Brace Beemer, known to millions as radio's Lone Ranger. The museum is worth checking out if you are a fan of the masked rider of the plains, with collectibles, memorabilia and historical artifacts on display. 

The display is located in the Wabash County Museum at 320 Market Street. A mock studio shows Fred Foy and Brace Beemer holding a Lone Ranger radio script. A saddle owned by Brace Beemer, authenticated by his family, is on display. There is a fascinating display case of memorabilia owned by radio announcer Fred Foy. Young children can use plungers to replicate the horse hoofs of Silver just as the sound men accomplished on the radio program. The casting call board from the original studios of WXYZ is on display just as you walk through the door. Over 1,500 items related to The Lone Ranger are available for display, rotated on a regular basis to ensure every visit will have something different.

Most unique is the entrance to the exhibit, where you walk through the original door from the Maccabees building at radio station WXYZ, in Detroit. 

We spent more than two hours at the museum, not just reviewing the numerous items on display, and timeline along the wall, but also looking over some of the items that were not on display. A die-hard fan like myself had to see everything -- even if some of the collectibles were not on display for the general public. The curator was awesome is granting my friends and I the privilege.

If you want to financially support the museum, you can buy a Lone Ranger mug, key chain, clock, lunchbox, Christmas tree ornament, trinket box and much more. The link is provided below. (Disclaimer: yes, my Lone Ranger book is available for sale through this link. I donated the books to the museum and am in no way making a profit for the sale.)