Friday, August 5, 2022

Mary Foster, the Editor’s Daughter

It only happens once or twice a year… an opportunity where we can contribute to the cause. Radio Spirits released this set of unreleased recordings for a radio soap opera that collectors have sampled over the decades from four to seventy installments — and not always consecutive. But Radio Spirits released this CD set containing consecutive episodes from April and May of 1947, a godsend for those who enjoy radio soap operas. On a personal note, these get addictive.

Radio Spirits purchased a collection from a private collector who transcribed from transcription disc and if we want to see all 1,200 plus episodes known to exist to be made available, it will depend on the sales of this set. Through one report, sales are lackluster and there is the risk that the majority of those 1,200 recordings may remain on the shelves. The costs involved with production of such sets means a minimum number of sales are required to financially justify the release of additional volumes. Your purchase today will send the message. Otherwise, this is a one and done release. As of right now it is discounted and on sale, so click the link right now and support the cause.