Friday, May 8, 2020

Lone Ranger Alumni, R.I.P.

We lost three old-time radio alumni in the past two months. Julie Bennett, a longtime voice-over performer and actress perhaps best known for her role as Cindy Bear in the Hanna-Barbera YOGI BEAR cartoons, died on March 31 from Corvid-19. Julie Bennett began her career on radio as early as 1947 on SuspenseThe Family Theater and the prestigious Lux Radio Theater. Among her other credits are The WhistlerThe George Burns and Gracie Allen ShowThe Great Gildersleeve and Crime Classics. She was 88.

Julie Bennett

Elaine Hyman passed away at the age of 85 at the Actors Fund Home in Englewood, New Jersey. Born on July 6, 1934 in Detroit, Michigan, she eventually became a regular on such radio programs as The Green Hornet and The Lone Ranger. Elaine eventually made the move to New York City where she appeared on dozens of television programs including East Side/West SideLaw and Order: Criminal IntentThe Sopranos and
Dark Shadows. She was also a frequent guest at the Friends of Old-Time Radio convention. 

Photo on the left: Corrine Orr and Elaine Hyman at the Friends of Old-Time Radio Convention. 

Another Lone Ranger alumni to pass away was Shirley Ann Russell, on April 9, of pneumonia. Like Elaine Hyman, Shirley was a child actress on The Lone Ranger and The Green Hornet, among other programs to originate from radio station WXYZ in Detroit. Until recently, before the libraries closed, Shirley worked at the Grosse Pointe Public Library. She still had a Lone Ranger radio script in her collection, from 1938, which she played a small role on. Shirley was 92.

Shirley Ann Mitchell with collector/historian Larry Zdeb.