Friday, December 20, 2019

Yesterday USA Gets an Upgrade

Since launching in 1983, the Yesterday USA radio network has been a successful Internet radio station providing old-time radio programs to the masses, 24 hours a day. Radio hosts Larry Gassman and John Gassman (hosts of Same Time, Same Station) and Walden Hughes continue to broadcast weekly with authors and celebrity guests. Sadly, as a result of the recent passing of Bill Bragg, the founder of Yesterday USA, the radio station's future was in temporary jeopardy. 

But wait! Do not fret! A solution has been found! With the blessing of Kim Bragg, Bill’s widow, Walden and the Gassmans plan to move the home base of Yesterday USA from Texas to California (which will also provide a savings of approximately $1,000 a month in operating costs). To accomplish their mission, they need to replace the outdated computer equipment with new software and hardware, especially because radio hosts Walden, Larry and John are totally blind. On Kickstarter, they provided a breakdown of what they need to accomplish their goal and continue broadcasting old-time radio shows through an automation system.

Breakdown (Justification of Costs)
Two Window 10 PCs ($1,380.84) to be located in John and Larry's office.
Two Station Playlist Software Pro version and special software ($998).
Two Station Playlist tutorials and JAWS screen reading software scripts ($150).
Linksys eight-port Metallic Gigabit switch ($40.67).
AB switch ($38.78)
A desk for Larry and John to operate from ($40).
Two versions of Live Web DJ Broadcast Software ($19.95 per month for each, for a total of $478.80). This software will allow us to broadcast live.
Broadcast board and two phone systems ($1,402) for producing live broadcasts.

(L to R) Radio hosts Michael Biel, Walden Hughes, Larry and John Gassman.

Presently you can listen to their programming at While we can listen to old-time radio through CDs and other venues, it is always comforting to know there are dedicated radio hosts who provide interviews with celebrities, authors and historians on a weekly basis, live on the air. 

If you want to help contribute, visit their Kickstarter campaign here.