Friday, July 19, 2019

Library of Congress Needs Your Help

Here is your chance to help the Library of Congress. For a little more than a year Cary O'Dell of the library's National Recording Preservation Board posted scans of photographs that remained unidentified. This is not an uncommon situation among many libraries and museums across the country where photographs are preserved and digitized, but lacked proper identification. 

Cary's idea was to post dozens and dozens of unidentified photographs on the library's blog and ask people to help identify people from the world of film, television and music. They had a success rate of over 50 percent but there still remain a few unidentified. The following two links have some of these photos so take a moment and see if you recognize any of the people in them. Small note, though. Make only suggestions if you are definite. There is no shame in saying you do not recognize anyone but the library really needs 110 percent identification. Guesswork will only add confusion.

Actor Paul McGrath has been identified on the right.
The woman on the left remains unidentified.