Wednesday, January 9, 2019

The Life and Career of Actor Arthur Anderson

Arthur Anderson was a child actor who made a career of acting out the role of dragons, dwarfs and knights in shining armor during the height of the depression. The long-running radio program, Let's Pretend, offered a weekly fairytale for juvenile listeners. The highlight of the program was that the roles were played on the air by children -- which naturally appeared to children who tuned in every Saturday morning to listen.

He was among the cast of The Metropolitan Opera in the mid-thirties, worked with Orson Welles on many of the Mercury Theater of the Air broadcasts, and also worked with Orson Welles on Broadway. Anderson was a regular staple at the Friends of Old-Time Radio Convention throughout the 1990s and wrote a book thoroughly documenting the history of radio's Let's Pretend. The children's radio program was the platform that launched a number of actors into a life-long career including Anne Francis, Dick van Patten, Donald Buka, Jackie Kelk and Skip Homeier.

On television Anderson made guest appearances on Route 66, Dark Shadows, The Defenders and Law and Order. Beginning in 1963 he voiced the cartoon character of Lucky the Leprechaun in those Lucky Charms television commercials you grew up with as a kid.

Arthur passed away in 2016 and all of his paperwork was mailed to me. I took the time to scan everything into digital format and assembled a PDF file. In short, this is a digital scrapbook of the career of Arthur Anderson including photographs, newspaper clippings, convention program guides and other materials.