Friday, June 24, 2016

STUDIO ONE: "Pratfall in Paradise"

I had a request for Studio One and Playhouse 90 material so here you go. 

On the evening of June 10, 1957, Studio One in Hollywood presented an intriguing story by Adrian Spies titled "The Mother Bit," a disturbing story about a nightclub comic. Originally submitted to producer Norman Felton on March 12, 1957, Spies' nine-page outline was a bit different from the version that was telecast with Peter Falk, Natalie Trundy, Harry Guardino and June Havoc (the latter in the role of Kitty Sharpe). For anyone who is not familiar with television production, no one ever writes a television script and submits it to a producer (that's Hollywood legend). A plot outline is first submitted, then if approved, the necessary revisions and changes are made before a teleplay or film script is finally created. (Then the teleplay is revised to assist with production values and to avoid potential legal issues.) For your amusement, here is that nine-page plot summary as submitted by Adrian Spies. Enjoy!