Friday, December 26, 2014

A Norman Rockwell Christmas

Norman Rockwell never tried to capture small town America as it really was. He depicted life in his paintings “as I would like it to be.” I never went to a school to study art. I can admire shading and style like anyone else. But because Rockwell's paintings were always nostalgic, I have often found them appealing to the eye -- and thought provoking. From a Thanksgiving turkey, soda fountains and malt shops, ice skating on the pond, and small-town boys playing baseball... there was something about his work that remains fresh today.

From his first appearance on the cover of the Saturday Evening Post in 1916 through his final publication appearing on the Post cover in 1963 and beyond, he delighted his viewers, frustrated his critics and tickled the collective American funny bone for most of his life. The most expensive and best investment would be a signed and numbered Norman Rockwell lithograph... or an original Rockwell painting.

If you plan to decorate the interior walls of your house with nostalgic Rockwell, there are many to chose from at, and, all reputable online merchants who offer a wide range of prints. They are not signed by Rockwell, of course, but they are worth framing and hanging. My wife and I like to decorate the house every December by replacing the framed photos with Christmas Rockwells. Adds a touch of nostalgia to the holiday season. allows you to glance through more than 700 paintings. Even if you have no time or money to buy and frame a Rockwell print, you can use their online catalog as a means of scanning through the paintings by enjoying on-line window shopping.

Here are a few of my favorites I would like to share, including some holiday offerings that also grace our house.

This one always hung in the doctor's office when I was a kid.
I caught a glimpse of this in an Amtrak magazine once. Loved it ever since.
Click to blow up the image and admire the work you cannot see in small size.
First Date
Jack Benny

And now a Christmas gift for you. Enjoy.