Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Spending Christmas With Shirley Temple

December 21, 1933. 20th Century-Fox signs five-tear-old Shirley Temple. At the behest of the studio, her birth certificate is altered to make it appear that she is four years old.

Within a year, the Quigley Publications poll asked their readers who their favorite Hollywood actor was. Among the top ten was Shirley Temple, at number eight! In 1935, the same poll had Shirley Temple as number one! She stayed in the top spot every year in the same poll through 1938.

Under contract with 20th Century-Fox, Shirley Temple, among many Hollywood celebrities, posed for holiday photos used for publicity purposes. Naturally, many photos were taken over a period of years and for the holiday, my gift to you, here are a number of those shots. Take a good look at these, some like the shadow of Santa Claus are very clever. Enjoy!