Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The Legacy of Steve Haynes and Cinevent

Steve Haynes
I am saddened to report the passing of Steve Haynes, the legend responsible for spearheading Cinevent, an annual film festival in Columbus, Ohio. If you live along the East Coast and ever wanted to attend a film festival specializing in classic movies, Cinevent was your destination. From film noir to silent movies, cowboy Westerns and early studio talkies, there was something for everyone. Laurel and Hardy, and Charley Chase are funny when you watch them at home... but watching them in a theater filled with people who appreciate comedy of that time period changes the mood... funny becomes hilarious. And there is nothing like mingling with people who share a common interest. Steve made sure the atmosphere at Cinevent was social. Fans flocked from across the country to buy posters, lobby cards, photographs, books, movies, magazines and other vintage movie memorabilia. 

On Facebook, people are expressing their heartfelt sympathy and prayers for Steve's family. He was injured twice in the past few years and fought a battle against cancer, which ultimately took his life yesterday, April 21. I found Steve to be a very generous man, patient, clam and soft-spoken. His biggest virtue was his common sense. He didn't jump on any bandwagon and avoided anything politics, controversy or ignorance. He enjoyed every moment of his life. Every year I chatted with him following a movie screening to learn something I did not know about the movie. Whether it was the difference between the original screenplay and the stage play, or the original casting intentions before the finished product went before the camera, or the rarity of the last reel being in Technicolor which the film studios did not have a print of, I always learned something new. At Cinevent, we talked about the hobby and movies -- the outside world was shut out for a few days. After all, we came to appreciate the art form and enrich our lives with knowledge that the general public probably didn't give two hoots about. Steve certainly helps enrich my life.

Steve always said as long as he was six feet above ground there would always be a Cinevent. This year marks the 47th year and his family will continue this year's event in his memory. We can only hope that his family continues his legacy. If you never went to Cinevent before, this is the year you want to attend. Come see what you are missing and discover just how much Steve left behind and how many people he inspired.

To quote Abraham Lincoln, "It is not the years in your life that count, it is the life in your years that matter the most." Steve enjoyed every moment and shared with us memories that we will never forget. Forty years from now when someone asks me how I was first exposed to Charley Chase, I will hold my head up high and say his name.

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Karl said...

Steve was a really nice guy. Hadn't heard about his death. I hope Cinevent continues. So many of these types of events seem to be folding.

faith Miguel said...

Sad news. Everyone who went to Cinevent knew him well enough to say he was a very nice man.

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