Friday, February 7, 2014

BONANZA: The Television Series Needs Your Help!

Vintage Bonanza Advertisement
It was brought to my attention today that the "Cartwrights" are in trouble and need your help. Word is sales for BONANZA: The Official Sixth Season have been "soft," and CBS Paramount decision-makers are waiting to see if sales will pick up before going ahead with a Season Seven release and beyond. In other words, they placed a "sales expectation." So if you've been on the fence about buying any of the official DVD sets (especially Season Six), NOW is the time to do so. The sales of Season Six will be the decision maker whether CBS releases future seasons.

The Sixth Season was the final season to feature Purnell Roberts as Adam Cartwright. Roberts wanted to leave the years a year or two prior, but the producer convinced him to stay for an additional season. The program aired a total of 14 seasons, yet television reruns of BONANZA have consisted of episodes from the series' first six seasons. Television honchos have believed that most of the mainstream public won't care for episodes beyond the six seasons, which is why seasons seven through fourteen have rarely been seen since their initial telecast in the 1960s. (The Starz Encore Westerns Channel have recently begun airing season seven through 14, but unless you subscribe to the extra-paid channel, you won't see them unless the studios agree to green light DVD releases of seasons seven and up.)

There is a great website about BONANZA worth checking out:

Adam, Little Joe, Pa and Hoss.
The official DVD sets were executive produced by Andy Klyde -- a popular culture historian and long-time attorney for BONANZA's creator-producer David Dortort -- and a guest speaker at the Mid-Atlantic Nostalgia Convention two years ago. Each DVD set contains full-length episodes restored and digitally remastered from original 35mm film elements, and have never looked better. And every set contains tons of bonus material unavailable anywhere else, including new commentary by BONANZA alumni Ben Cooper, Stella Stevens, Sue Ane Langdon, Audrey Dalton, Lisa Lu, Patricia Crowley, Greg Walcott, Keir Dullea among others, plus original Chevrolet commercials (some also featuring the cast of "My Three Sons," "Route 66," "Bewitched," and "The Man From UNCLE"), episode trailers, rare "behind-the-scenes" photos, and footage of the "Cartwrights" making appearances off the Ponderosa with notables like Henry Fonda, Buster Keaton, Ed Wynn and Allan Sherman.

But future seasons (seven through 14) may never happen unless you send the message. So log on to and buy Season Six today!!! And spread the word so more people know about this!



Ray said...

Suppose I'm partly to blame for this. My own BONANZA purchases stalled out after Season 4. Problem with situations like this is, the further behind you get, the harder it is to motivate yourself to catch up.

Anonymous said...

Good grief. I didn't even know they had released anything beyond season 2 yet. Aside from poor marketing, don't the executives realize a large chunk of the population doesn't actually buy DVDs anymore? If the show is even going to stand a chance, the execs need to sell streaming rights for seasons 3-6 to Netflix or Amazon Prime, if only for a limited time, so people realize they're available for purchase. Otherwise it ain't gonna happen.

Jessica Kelso said...

Having been to a film festival recently I can assure you that most people still buy DVDs. There was a question posed to the audience of about 400, asking who streams movies from the internet. Two hands went up. When asked who still buys movies on DVD, almost everyone raised their hands. When asked who collects movies on 16mm, seven or eight hands rose. Just because "anonymous" streams movies doesn't mean the rest of the world does. And, by the way, steaming rights depends on cost factor. Netflix and Amazon pays rights holders PENNIES. The companies that own the films have to pay music rights, actor guilds, director guilds, writer guilds, and so on. When customers won't pay more than a few bucks to stream "unlimited," it's not possible for BONANZA to be streamed officially. There's nothing stopping you from buying the DVDs, by the way. You still own them and can watch them at your own convenience.

Sarah said...

This is tremendously annoying. I've done my duty and bought all the Bonanza sets so far, but have seen most of those episodes many multiples of times over the years. There are many episodes from S7-14 that I've never seen, because they weren't in syndication or have never been on a channel I could actually receive, and I guess this means that I never will see them. Thanks a lot, CBS Paramount.

Anonymous said...

It has been announced that season 7 will be released on sept 2, 2014

Anonymous said...

WEll the american ones are good in that they have subtitles too after Season 1 but if they released them as multi region I think they would do much b etter as there are a lot of English out there and other nationalities who would like to have them but cannot play them except especially purchased multi region players. They shoot themselves in the foot ! Making them only Region 1 is useless in this day and age. I purchase them so that I can at last hear what is being said as the voices of our lovely actors are not good at times even on the German Region 2 ones. It is also very expensive importing them into Europe.

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