Friday, December 22, 2017

"Movie Pass" May Be The Future

Yes, it is more expensive to go to the movies than ever before. Average ticket prices hit a new high in 2016, according to the National Association of Theatre Owners, topping out at $8.73. Our local movie theater charges $8 and a recent rip to New York City reminded me that folks in the Big Apple would save money buying the movie on DVD when it come out than pay $20 plus for a movie ticket!

General thinking applies formats such as IMAX and 3-D as a culprit for the rising ticket prices. According to The Hollywood Reporter, ticket prices went up to an average of $8.79 in 2017. While it is known that ticket prices fluctuate depending on the strength of the marketplace, advanced technology, better seating and improved concessions are the industry trend. A new movie theater opened up near us with luxurious recliners and seat cushions -- for an extra fee.

Sticker shock? Fear not! Turns out there is a temporary solution. It seems a new company was launched, Movie Pass, offering you unlimited passes to movie theaters for a flat $9.95 per month. No loopholes, no fine print, and no surveys to answer. There are a few stipulations, though.

1. You can only watch one movie per day. A double feature on the same day will not be accepted.  
2. The pass works for only one person. My wife, for example, had to apply for herself to have the same type of movie pass.
3. You will need a smart phone and the Movie Pass app to choose the theater, movie and screening time. No smart phone, no pass. 
4. The passes are not good for IMAX or 3-D.

You can even watch a new movie on the day it opens. For folks like my wife and I who visit the movie theater twice a month, the flat $9.95 per month fee is a true bargain. 

Before you jump in and sign up at, I would suggest you visit the website and type your zip code into the system to verify that your local movie theater participates. Luckily for us, all four theaters within an hour's drive from home participate -- including the one 25 minutes from the house. No commitment and you can cancel any time. 

Two years ago my wife and I paid for a special pass that gave us unlimited movie screenings for an entire calendar year. We took advantage of the offer and saw so many movies that year it was not funny. Sadly, the theater never offered the same pass again and I have since wished the same type of pass would be made available again. Movie Pass is not exactly the same but it comes pretty darn close. And for folks who wish they could afford to visit the movie theater more often, this may just be the wave of the future. 

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Bill Abbott said...

My wife bought the full year package during the Black Friday sale, I bought one at the regular price the next day. The thing works like a charm.
We have just about used our full purchase price already and have 11 months to go. Either the monthly or annual plan is a must if you are a regular movie goer. Be sure to use the moviepass website tool to check to see if your preferred theaters/chains are accepting it. AMC was not.

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